Bubblegirls – Vanessa Hill

Bubblegirls - Vanessa Hill

Vanessa is a horny little slut! This little cutie pie loves to fuck. Vanessa thouht my video was a bit strange because normally when she fucks on camera she fakes all her orgasms. I told her there would be none of that. She wasn’t sure she could have an orgasm on camera but said she would give it a try. So we started slowly and soon she got really into it. Vanessa likes to have her hair pulled and when she was doggy style with her hair being pulled she was in extacy. Her favorite though was when I had one vibrator in her pussy and one on her clit. Those were her strongest orgasms. The dual sensation drove her crazy. This girl has a good personality and unlike some of these European girls speaks perfect english. So this video is a lot of fun to watch because her personality really comes out.

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Bubblegirls – Veronica Carso – Strong orgasm from Big Blond Porn Star 1087

Bubblegirls - Veronica Carso - 1087

Veronica Carso is a big porn star. She loves her work because she really loves sex. I mean this girl really likes to get fucked hard. I like to start out the videos with slow clit play to drive the girl crazy before moving on to penetrtion. Veronica could barely wait to get fingered and when I reached deep and hit her G-Spot she ejaculated and came so hard she couldn’t speak for a minute or two. Veronica could practically put her legs behind her head so you get a great view of her perfect pussy and asshole when she comes. This is a great video.

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Bubblegirls – Viviane – Sweet Russian Girl

Bubblegirls - Viviane

Viviane is a very sexy Ukrainian girl. She lives in Paris so she has this great hybrid accent when she speaks English. Vivinae does fashion modeling and a little adult stuff here and there. She had done one hardcore scene years ago but since then she has not done any boy girl shoots at all. So she was not initially comfortable with my shoot. But she is very sexual and once we got started she had no problem getting into it. Her pussy was so wet that it dripped down her leg and her first orgasm came so fast I almost missed it.

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Bubblegirls – Christal

Bubblegirls - Christal

Christal is surprisingly shy and quiet for a girl who has done quite a bit of fucking. I think the shoot was a bit strange for her. She is used to faking it and performing for the camera, but once we got started she was able to come. The contractions are there if a bit hard to see. But I pushed her hard and I think it was worth it.

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Bubblegirls – Carina Cora

Bubblegirls - Carina Cora

19 Year old spinner with a love of hard pussy pounding! She got super wet from doggy style and could come from hard penetration. Carina is a dirty slut who loves to fuck and you can see her movies everywhere now. But good luck finding one where she comes. This is probably the only one.

Genre : Hands On, Vibrators, Dildos, Fingers, Natural Wetness, Shower Scene,Smoking