Bubblegirls – Sandy Plays Alone

Bubblegirls - Sandy Plays Alone

Sandy plays with herself. Sandy is super hot and very famous. In this video her boyfriend films her playing with herself for your enjoyment. Sandy likes to tease and knows how to show off all her assets. The video starts with a pee scene. Then into the bath where she shaves and uses the shower head to get off. Next undressing on the bed, rubbing lotion on herself and then fingering herself with a gooey lotion mess. She takes another piss. Then goes on the bed and fingers herself. Next another piss. I guess she drank a lot. She goes back to the bed and plays footsies with the camera. Sandy whips out a huge pick vibrator and crams it into her tight hole. After which, you guessed it, she pees. Then Sandy puts beads into her pussy and ass, then a dildo and then a dildo and vibrator.

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Bubblegirls – Stella

Bubblegirls - Stella

This is a solo masterbation video of Stella. Stella Starts the video by chossing an outfit to wear. Next she takes a pee. Then shaves her pussy and douches in the shower. She gets excited and decides to play in the shower. She get sout and puts lotion on her body. Next is a quick pee break and then she undresses and goe son the bed to finger herself. She takes another pee break and the goes back to the bed to use a toy. Finally, she uses a pocket rocket while fingering her ass.

Genre : Hands On, Solo, Masturbation, Vibrators, Fingers, Natural Wetness, Peeing, Anal, Double Penetration, Shaving scene, Shower Scene

Bubblegirls – Tamara

Bubblegirls - Tamara

Tamara is only 18 and when she came over for a casting I wanted to shoot her immediately. Unfortunately I had to wait a few days. Guys, the suspense almost killed me. Her perfect natural skin and little freckles, her soft pink hairless pussy and her pert breasts drove me crazy. I will definately be shooting this girl again soon.

Genre : Hands On, Masturbation, Vibrators, Fingers, Natural Wetness, Shower Scene

Bubblegirls – Sonya

Bubblegirls - Sonya

Sonya is a voluptuous cutey. She has the perfect curves that drive men wild. Her video consists of clips from several of her shoots. She starts out on the bed wearing a dress which she is practically falling out of. She lifts it to reveal her smooth naked bottom. She starts to rub her pussy and moan softly. Sonya is generally very quiet. She starts to finger her ass then rubs her pussy till she cums. She opens her lips and gives you a good look at her clit. Next is Sonya stripping out of her jeans, rubbing her large tits, and rubbing her asshole. She teases her asshole then works a finger inside. Next Sonya works the rah staff out of her juicy pussy, then sticks it in her ass and works it. Following this Sonya goes into two pee scenes. She pees into the toilet, then pees again in the bath. Both scenes show her feeling kind of embarrassed and nervous. She takes a shower and spends a lot of time scrubbing her pussy. Next we cut to Sonya on the bed, where she begins by working a vibrator into her pussy. She works it from all angles, softly moaning. Then comes a second vibrator into her pussy, then one in her pussy and one in her ass. She works them till white ooze comes out. Next comes a cute scene with panty teasing and titty rubbing. She fingers her pussy, shows off her clt, then inserts a butt plug. She then works a large dildo into her pussy. White ooze comes running down her thighs. Great sound of wet pussy squishy noises in this video.

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Bubblegirls – Veronica Carso – Strong orgasm from Big Blond Porn Star 1087

Bubblegirls - Veronica Carso - 1087

Veronica Carso is a big porn star. She loves her work because she really loves sex. I mean this girl really likes to get fucked hard. I like to start out the videos with slow clit play to drive the girl crazy before moving on to penetrtion. Veronica could barely wait to get fingered and when I reached deep and hit her G-Spot she ejaculated and came so hard she couldn’t speak for a minute or two. Veronica could practically put her legs behind her head so you get a great view of her perfect pussy and asshole when she comes. This is a great video.

Genre : Hands On, Masturbation, Vibrators, Fingers, Natural Wetness, Shaving scene, Shower Scene, Smoking