Bubblegirls – Sandy Plays Alone

Bubblegirls - Sandy Plays Alone

Sandy plays with herself. Sandy is super hot and very famous. In this video her boyfriend films her playing with herself for your enjoyment. Sandy likes to tease and knows how to show off all her assets. The video starts with a pee scene. Then into the bath where she shaves and uses the shower head to get off. Next undressing on the bed, rubbing lotion on herself and then fingering herself with a gooey lotion mess. She takes another piss. Then goes on the bed and fingers herself. Next another piss. I guess she drank a lot. She goes back to the bed and plays footsies with the camera. Sandy whips out a huge pick vibrator and crams it into her tight hole. After which, you guessed it, she pees. Then Sandy puts beads into her pussy and ass, then a dildo and then a dildo and vibrator.

Genre : Hands On, Solo, Masturbation, Vibrators, Fingers, Natural Wetness, Peeing, Anal, Double Penetration, Shaving scene, Shower Scene

Bubblegirls – Stella

Bubblegirls - Stella

This is a solo masterbation video of Stella. Stella Starts the video by chossing an outfit to wear. Next she takes a pee. Then shaves her pussy and douches in the shower. She gets excited and decides to play in the shower. She get sout and puts lotion on her body. Next is a quick pee break and then she undresses and goe son the bed to finger herself. She takes another pee break and the goes back to the bed to use a toy. Finally, she uses a pocket rocket while fingering her ass.

Genre : Hands On, Solo, Masturbation, Vibrators, Fingers, Natural Wetness, Peeing, Anal, Double Penetration, Shaving scene, Shower Scene

Bubblegirls – Toby

Bubblegirls - Toby

Toby has got to be one of my favorite models. This girl had just turned 18 about two weeks before I shot her. She is not a dancer or model and had never done anything before. She loves to show off her body though and is a real goofball when you start to take pictures of her. She really plays to the camera. This skinny little spinner came into the studio with a hairy pussy and ass so the shaving scene was great! Of course, next comes the lotion scene with massage. Toby acts as if she has never been touched before and I believe it because she loves getting the massage. She admits to never having had one before! When I flip her over to massage her ass you can see her tiny pink slit is beginning to get wet. When I flip her back over onto her back with her legs spread you can see she is ready to go. Her freshly shaved pussy is now super pink and engorged with blood. (One thing that is so great about Toby is she keeps her legs very wide throughout her shoot so you really get a great view. This often the hardest thing about these videos. When girls come they always want to bring their legs together damn it) The slightest touch gets her going and Toby is very vocal about how good everything feels. She comes fast from some slow rubbing of her clit. So I go for another. Then I think Toby is ready for some penetration and she nearly screams when I put in a small finger into her tight hole. Toby is very tight and wet. Rubbing her G-Spot she comes over and over and we do different combos of G and clit orgasms. Toby’s hands go numb! Toby has tried anal once before but never got very far because it hurt too much but she is open to trying again. Gently inserting my finger and slowing applying pressure upward to hit her G-Spot sends her through the roof. Next we move on to the vibrators and of course Toby has tons of multiple orgasms. I think you will love this video as much as I do. I wish every girl were like Toby. So sweet and open. Toby if you are out there, let’s do another shoot. Please!

From me : “Very lovable lady! Multi-orgasms girl :D She remind me about my ex-girlfriend. :D

Genre : Hands On, Masturbation, Vibrators, Fingers, Natural Wetness, Anal, Shaving scene

Bubblegirls – Tammy

Bubblegirls - Tammy

18 year old Tammy was brought to me by Britanney Starr who you might remember I shot a couple months ago. Once I saw those perfect size D natural boobs I knew I had to shoot her. This is my friends favorite girl. I think he likes her braces. Funny thing was she didn’t have enough money to have them taken off. Poor girl! Tammy has never done any nude photographs or video before. In fact, she had never had an orgasm before either! For real guys. This video contains her first ever orgasm and is shot in my “Hands On” style. Tammy gets fingered, dildo fucked and has her clit stimultaed with vibrators till she almost cannot stand it!
Big tits, braces, first video, first orgasm (apparently…). What more could you want?

Genre : Big tits, Hands On, Masturbation, Dildo, Vibrators, Fingers, Natural Wetness, Shaving scene, Braces

Bubblegirls – Summer

Bubblegirls - Summer

Genre : Big tits, Hands On, Dildo, Masturbation, Vibrators, Fingers, Natural Wetness, Shaving scene