Bubblegirls – Sandy Plays Alone

Bubblegirls - Sandy Plays Alone

Sandy plays with herself. Sandy is super hot and very famous. In this video her boyfriend films her playing with herself for your enjoyment. Sandy likes to tease and knows how to show off all her assets. The video starts with a pee scene. Then into the bath where she shaves and uses the shower head to get off. Next undressing on the bed, rubbing lotion on herself and then fingering herself with a gooey lotion mess. She takes another piss. Then goes on the bed and fingers herself. Next another piss. I guess she drank a lot. She goes back to the bed and plays footsies with the camera. Sandy whips out a huge pick vibrator and crams it into her tight hole. After which, you guessed it, she pees. Then Sandy puts beads into her pussy and ass, then a dildo and then a dildo and vibrator.

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Bubblegirls – Stella

Bubblegirls - Stella

This is a solo masterbation video of Stella. Stella Starts the video by chossing an outfit to wear. Next she takes a pee. Then shaves her pussy and douches in the shower. She gets excited and decides to play in the shower. She get sout and puts lotion on her body. Next is a quick pee break and then she undresses and goe son the bed to finger herself. She takes another pee break and the goes back to the bed to use a toy. Finally, she uses a pocket rocket while fingering her ass.

Genre : Hands On, Solo, Masturbation, Vibrators, Fingers, Natural Wetness, Peeing, Anal, Double Penetration, Shaving scene, Shower Scene

Bubblegirls – Stephanie Sierra

Bubblegirls - Stephanie Sierra

Stephanie Sierra is a new 18 year old slut. This girl loves ex and she is proving it by trying to be the next big European porn-star. I started this video by filming this cutie-pie walking to the room. She was so cute and tiny I just had to have her sit on my knee. I began to Play with Stephanie and new immediately I would really enjoy her tight teenage body. Soon Stephanie is on all fours and I am gently stroking her shave pussy. Stephanie likes anal and it takes a bit of anal play along with clit rubbing to get her off. Next I flip her around an taste her young twat. She comes again. After this I test the limits of pussy and find that she is quite stretchy. I finger her hard hitting her G-spot till she comes again. After this I turn back to her clit and stimulate her with one and then two vibrators. Stephanie looks like she needs it in the ass again so I shove fingers into both her tight holes at once and ram her till she comes again. We use another vibrator and after she comes again I film her peeing. Finally, I lay Stephanie down on her stomach and jam a big blue dildo into her as deep as it will go. Stephanie loves every minute. We finish the video with her in the bathtub.

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Bubblegirls – Sheryl

Bubblegirls - Sheryl

Sheryl has a shy innocent look to her because she has kind of a young looking body. Sort of baby, fatty in a way. But sheryl is far from innocent and her big blue beatiful eyes will really entice you. Anyway, Sheryl loves sex and loves to fuck on camera the most. She has just gotten started but she is one of those girls who could do a lot because she really loves the work.

Genre : Hands On, Masturbation, Vibrators, Dildos, Fingers, Natural Wetness, Peeing, Shower Scene

Bubblegirls – Tressa

Bubblegirls - Tressa

Tressa is skinny little red head I shot in Vegas. She was awesome. She loves to fuck and this trailer trash girl was a blast to shoot. I had so much footage of her that her DVD is 2 hours long. But it is all action. I abused her poor little pussy till she couldn’t take it anymore and she loved every minute of it. Tressa has a great skinny nymph body and gorgeous long red hair. Her teeth are a bit of a problem but otherwise she is quite cute. It is rare to find a red head so and I knew she would be great action so I shot her. Tressa has the typical pale skin and freckly shoulders of a red head and the most amazing orange red pussy public hair! I start the video by shaving off her little red patch of muff hair. Below is a beautiful pink pussy. I don’t know if any of you guys have ever experienced a red head before but they have the thinnest smoothest skin you will ever encounter. Tressa was no exception. Her lips are pink and soft and her skin is super sensitive. Well, After I shaved her I took the opportunity to rub lotion all over her smooth body. It was quite nice. Next I slowly began to rub her clit. You can see a nice trail of clear fluid develop between her lips. To be honest I think she masturbates a lot at home so it was a bit tricky to get her off manually. But after a while it happens. Next I began to used vibrators on her. One after another in different combination’s. She comes more than twenty times and is nice and vocal. I also probe her cavernous vagina to hit her G-Spot hard. She comes hard and when I flip her doggy style she comes again this time squirting. I also included a little pee scene in the middle of the video. Tressa was a little bit embarrassed about peeing on camera so she really had to squeeze it out but we got the footage. Overall this is a great video. It is amazing how often she can come. A must have!

Genre : Hands On, Masturbation, Vibrators, Fingers, Natural Wetness, Squirting, Peeing, Shaving scene