Bubblegirls – Kyara

Bubblegirls - Kyara

Kyara is a countryside girl who just turned 18. She is totally new to modeling and this was both her first photo and her first video shoot. She was not the best at posing for photos but she tried her best to follow instructions. The video was easier because she obviously loves to fuck. Once I started to touch her pussy she got excited and began to breath heavily. Soon she was coming hard! This is a wide screen video shot in HD. The video starts as usual with me undressing Kyara. Then I begin to touch her little pussy. She got wet fast. Her orgasms are nice and strong, even though she is not very loud. Kyara also enjoyed a little anal play and so I managed to sneak a finger or two into her ass.

Genre : Hands On, Vibrators, Fingers, Natural Wetness, Anal, Double Penetration

Bubblegirls – Kelly

Bubblegirls - Kelly

Kelly has a very unusual look. I loved her super thick long curly hair and it helps that she has a body that won’t quite. Kelly loves to fuck and even though we only got a few orgasms out of her all of them were very strong. This is a really fun girl.

Genre : Hands On, Vibrators, Fingers, Natural Wetness, Peeing, Smoking, Shaving scene

Bubblegirls – Jessica

Bubblegirls - Jessica

Jessica is a Russian girl who speaks about five languages. She is very smart and very sexy and really loved all the attention I gave her during her video. She talks about how nice it is to have someone shave her pussy for her and really got into her sensual massage. Her little pussy was nice and wet and with a little clit play she was coming hard. She liked to have some slight penetration along with the clit rubbing too. After she was warmed up I pounded her G-Spot hard and she came again. Next Jessica was open to some ass play. So I put one finger in her asshole and one in her pussy and soon she was coming again. Finally, we finished with a bunch of vibrators. Jessica really came a lot and was so tired at the end of the video she was sure she could not do anything the rest of the day. Poor girl had to go to work and she could barely stand.

Genre : Hands On, Vibrators, Fingers, Natural Wetness, Peeing, Anal, Double Penetration, Shaving scene

Bubblegirls – Christina

Bubblegirls - Christina

Genre : Big Tits, Solo, Dildos, Natural Wetness, Fingers, Masturbation, Oil

Bubblegirls – Jamie British

Bubblegirls - Jamie British

Jamie is a cute British girl who I shot in LA. She was really in to the shoot and she was curious to see how many times she could come if at all. She doesn’t come easily and she thought

Genre : Hands On, Vibrators, Fingers, Peeing, Shaving scene, Toys