Bubblegirls – Mira

Bubblegirls - Mira

Now this girl is a real dirty slut. But I think she is proud of it and I like that she is a dirty slut too. Mira, is a girl I shot in Vegas. She came into my studio and within minutes I was playing with her pussy and asshole. No shit! This girl loves to be touched and the looks she gives are priceless. This video has a lot of first times in here for Mira. She gets fisted for the first time soon after we start the video. Mira’s pussy is tight and it takes some work work to get my hand in but she loves the feeling of being completely filled and soon I pump my fist inside her vagina to many, many hard orgasms. I probe and stretch her tight asshole as well. Mira likes anal but I don’t think she ever had four finger up her ass before! I grope up her sphincter till I hit her g-spot and her pussy farts out a bit as she comes. I used a ton of toys on Mira, including one in her ass, one in her pussy and one on her clit. The combined stimulation sends her through the roof. Mira squirts a ton in the video as well. She had never squirted before and it shocks her. But she loves it! Mira was great fun and I only wish I had shot her more than once.

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Bubblegirls – Mila – Shoot one

Bubblegirls - Mila - Shoot one

OK, Mila is one of my favorites. She is a Czech who came to Vegas with her boyfriend and decided to try to make a living here. Unfortuately, she didn’t speak any English and the strip clubs wouldn’t let her work because she wasn’t a citizen. Her boyfriend found a job at a car wash but poor Mila just stayed at home all day watching TV trying to learn English. They were a nice couple and really trying to make a go of it. As you can see she is gorgeous and was perfect for modeling. Mila hadn’t done anything like explicit nude modeling before although she had danced so I couldn’t wait to wrap my hands around her huge natural tits and perfect bubble butt. Except for being a bit short she has a perfect body and looks to me like Pamela Anderson, except with real boobs. The bonus was that Mila gets wetter than any girl I have every met. Her tiny and super tight 23 year old pussy absolutely gushers clear warm juice the minute she gets turned on. And when Mila comes she squirts! This video has at least 10 squirts in it. It was awesome. You will see that Mila is a bit shy and she kind of hides from the camera a bit, but she cannot hide her real orgasms and despite being a bit scared she came over and over again. Mila even did not know what to make of the vibrator. I think she never had a toy of any kind in her pussy. Mila came back for a second shoot as well and I will be releasing that on a seperate DVD soon.

Genre : Big tits, Hands On, Vibrators, Fingers, Natural Wetness, Squirting

Bubblegirls – Michelle

Bubblegirls - Michelle

21 Year old Michelle is a sexy raven haired beauty who just started nude modeling a short while ago. She had never done video before but was really anxious to give it a try. When she first came in the room she asked me what the plan was and I told her that I planned on getting her off. She smiled and we got to work. It was so funny because she does not speak much english but she did know the phrase “what’s the plan.” Like most of my videos this one starts with a shaving scene. Michelle then gets a little massage with some lotion. I explore her tight body in full. Next comes some intense finger play and of course lots of toys. Michelle is great because she gets off quite easily and is really into it. Lots of orgasms from this one. She makes love to the camera with her eyes too. The video also has a neat little smoking scene and a great shower scene where you can appreciate Michelle’s body in full.

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Bubblegirls – Melissa

Bubblegirls - Melissa

Cute little 18 year old Melissa was a bit nervous about her very first photoshoot. We started by shaving the last of her red pussy hair. Then a bit of posing for some stills. Soon she was ready to cum for her anxious audience. I fondled her young body till her pussy was nice and wet. Then we used fingers, vibrators and toys to make her cum several times.

Genre : Hands On, Vibrators, Dildos, Fingers, Natural Wetness, Shaving scene

Bubblegirls – Lei

Bubblegirls - Lei

18 year old Lei comes from Hawaii. This gorgeous exotic beauty took me by surprise. I thought she was so shy and reserved. But all of a sudden she was willing to do it all. She loves anal and boy does she love to have her pussy pounded hard! I shot her “Hands On’ style. We did lots of deep stretching penetration, lots of Anal, double penetration, vibrators and G spot pounding. She had many real breathless orgasms!

Genre : Hands On, Vibrators, Dildos, Fingers, Anal, Double Penetration, Shaving scene