Bubblegirls – Pam

Bubblegirls - Pam

Pam is a new girl who says she is getting into porn to get back at her x boyfriend. Interesting… Well, anyway she loves to be touched and I had a great time playing with her. We start out the video in the usual way and Pam was very responsive. It didn’t take too long before she was coming and guys I am pretty sure she has never had an orgasm before. The reactions she has to her feelings are so strange that you can see it on her face. At one point she asks me what is this? Well I didn’t get to use so many toys on her, just fingers, ad vibrators, because she was worn out soon enough. But this is a great video anyway because of her expressions.

Genre : Hands On, Vibrators, Fingers, Bathtub Scene

Bubblegirls – Nyxe

Bubblegirls - Nyxe

20 year old Nyxe the Pixie likes guys and girls. She just recentlty started posing but can’t wait to do more. She is so cute and seems so innocent when you meet her. But then she begs to have her pussy and ass hammered. WOW! I pounded her sensitive G-Spot till she squirted a huge stream of cum all over the bed. I used dildos and multiple vibrators on her and we even did double penetration! She loved it all! This video also contains a cool smoking scene. I hope you love Nyxe as much as I did.

Genre : Hands On, Vibrators, Dildos, Fingers, Squirting, Peeing, Anal, Double Penetration, Fisting, Smoking

Bubblegirls – Noemi

Bubblegirls - Noemi

Noemi was an absolute blast to shoot. She loves sex and this girl couldn’t get enough. Even during her smoking break and shower scenes she kept touching herself. There was so much good material that her video ended up being well over an hour. I think you will agree it was worth it.

Genre : Hands On, Vibrators, Fingers, Peeing, Shower Scene, Smoking, Shaving scene

Bubblegirls – Nicole

Bubblegirls - Nicole

18 Year old Nicole looks sweet and innocent and she had me believing it too. But as she was posing I noticed a particular talent she has for gaping her asshole. When she began to fool around with Katrina I new for sure she wasn’t such a good girl after all. I shot her “Hands On” and this girl screamed so hard and scrunched her face up so much I thought she was going to have a heart attack. I almost thought she was in pain! But this girl loves it all and you’ll get to see her have real orgasm after orgasm.

Genre : Hands On, Vibrators, Dildos, Fingers

Bubblegirls – Mya

Bubblegirls - Mya

Mya was awesome. This little, and I mean little, pornstar loves to be fucked hard. I work the shit out of her tight pussy. She also enjoys anal. I swear I have never seen tits like hers before and like all these girls they are real. Unbelievable, but real.

Genre : Big tits, Hands On, Vibrators, Dildos, Fingers, Natural Wetness, Squirting, Anal, Double Penetration, Smoking, Tease