Bubblegirls – Mona

Bubblegirls - Mona

Genre : Hands On, Masturbation, Vibrators, Fingers

Bubblegirls – May – Shoot one

Bubblegirls - May - Shoot one

20 year old May comes to us directly from the pages of Perfect Ten Magazine. This stunning beauty was a blast to shoot. May came a ton of times during her video and she didn’t object at all when I put my finger in her ass! I think you will enjoy this lovely as much as I did.

Genre : Hands On, Masturbation, Vibrators, Fingers, Natural Wetness, Peeing, Anal, Shower Scene

Bubblegirls – Mandy Plays Alone

Bubblegirls - Mandy Plays Alone

This video of Mandy is short but sweet. When I first met Mandy she was 18 and just starting out. She looked so innocent. Straight black hair, olive skin, perfect shaved pussy, and little girl boobs and body. Mandy is no stranger to sex though and this girl loves to fuck! This is a solo masterbation video of Mandy showing her own techniques for getting herself off. Mandy gets to it right away with a white vibrator and quickly adds a dildo at the same time. Keeping a dildo inside her, she switches to a pocket rocket. Then a quick pee break into the bathroom sink and it is back to another dildo and vibrator on the bed. Then two vibrators, one in her pussy and one in her ass! Mandy finishes of by taking a shower but cannot resist playing with herself again.

Genre : Masturbation, Vibrators, Solo, Shower Scene

Bubblegirls – Mandy

Bubblegirls - Mandy

18 Year old Mandy is very new to modeling. She had only did one photoshoot and no video before I shot her. Mandy was just sort of surprised about her shoot with me. She just didn’t really know how to react. Here was this total stranger touching her and getting her off and she just kept giving me these looks like what is this we are doing. It was fun. Anyway, although Mandy already had a pretty well shaved cooch I went over her pussy and asshole with a razor just to make sure. Next I applied lotion to her tan young body and immediately I knew she was into the video because she really reacted to every touch. Soon Mandy was bucking her pussy into my hand furiously trying to get off. Her pussy got so wet it was incredible. I fingered her and we used all sorts of toys and even did a little anal penetration. Mandy loved it all. The video finishes with a nice shower scene so you can appreciate her entire body.

Genre : Hands On, Vibrators, Masturbation, Fingers, Natural Wetness, Peeing, Shaving scene, Shower Scene

Bubblegirls – Madeline

Bubblegirls - Madeline

Genre : Hands On, Vibrators, Dildo, Masturbation, Fingers, Natural Wetness, Shaving scene