Bubblegirls – Susy and Carmen

Bubblegirls - Susy and Carmen

Genre : Lesbians, Masturbation, Vibrators, Fingers, Natural Wetness, Clit licking

Bubblegirls – Sunrise Adams

Bubblegirls - Sunrise Adams

18 Year old Sunrise Adams is the niece of Sunset Thomas and is following in her aunts footsteps. She has started to do quite abit of HardCore Boy Girl but the interesting thing was she hadn’t done any solo work. She was nervous about playing with herself in front of the camera. I helped her out with fingers, dildos and vibrators and she ended up having a good old time.

Genre : Big tits, Hands On, Masturbation, Vibrators, Fingers, Natural Wetness

Bubblegirls – Summer

Bubblegirls - Summer

Genre : Big tits, Hands On, Dildo, Masturbation, Vibrators, Fingers, Natural Wetness, Shaving scene

Bubblegirls – Stephanie Sierra

Bubblegirls - Stephanie Sierra

Stephanie Sierra is a new 18 year old slut. This girl loves ex and she is proving it by trying to be the next big European porn-star. I started this video by filming this cutie-pie walking to the room. She was so cute and tiny I just had to have her sit on my knee. I began to Play with Stephanie and new immediately I would really enjoy her tight teenage body. Soon Stephanie is on all fours and I am gently stroking her shave pussy. Stephanie likes anal and it takes a bit of anal play along with clit rubbing to get her off. Next I flip her around an taste her young twat. She comes again. After this I test the limits of pussy and find that she is quite stretchy. I finger her hard hitting her G-spot till she comes again. After this I turn back to her clit and stimulate her with one and then two vibrators. Stephanie looks like she needs it in the ass again so I shove fingers into both her tight holes at once and ram her till she comes again. We use another vibrator and after she comes again I film her peeing. Finally, I lay Stephanie down on her stomach and jam a big blue dildo into her as deep as it will go. Stephanie loves every minute. We finish the video with her in the bathtub.

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Bubblegirls – Stella Hot

Bubblegirls - Stella Hot

Stella told me that she only likes girls. But this girl is lying. Or maybe I remind her of a female. Either way she got very wet and came really hard during her shoot, even begging me to stop. I like Stella because she has a goofy personality and is always smiling and having fun. She likes to play to the camera and so maybe that was why she was able to have such a good time

Genre : Hands On, Masturbation, Vibrators, Dildo, Fingers, Natural Wetness, Shower Scene, Smoking