Bubblegirls – Jasmin

Bubblegirls - Jasmin

Jasmin is a Puerto Rican Princesss. This tall, lean, coffee colored girl was a joy to shoot. Her pussy got dripping wet when we began to play and she loved it all. This is a “Hands On” video of Jasmin having orgasm after orgasm. Jasmin took a while to have her first orgasm on video but soon she was squirting all over the bed. She admitted to me that this is something she had never done before! Not bad for a first video.
20 year old Jasmin asked me if I could help her since she had never done video before. I oblived her of course! She was a bit tough to get to come at first since she was so nervous. But once we found her spot she came over and over. Her previous record was five and we managed to squeeze off ten.

From me
“This girl is awesome. She’s an Indian (as in India) girl with big tits, has a goody two-shoes “Christian” twin sister, and she used to do “that sexy chat.” It’s her first. video. ever. and she’s very naive about everything. She even says, “when we do the shoot…” and the cameras been rolling the whole time. There is no filter between her brain and her mouth. She talks trash about vibrators not doing anything for her and then he gets her off like nuts with them. Some good _real_ squirting too with g-spot rubbing (“OMG what is that?…That is nasty.”). She is a “virgin in the butt” and (unfortunately) that never gets played with, but it contracts nicely along with her pussy, twitching and pulsing during orgasm and reactionary otherwise. She has very nice skin that goosebumps up for some cerebral texture mapping. Very raw, but her nervousness makes it a little fleeting at times. Definitely a go-to girl. Do not miss this one.”

Genre : Hands On, Vibrators, Dildos, Fingers, Natural Wetness, Squirting, Peeing, Shaving scene

Bubblegirls - Jasmin
Bubblegirls - Jasmin

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