About Bubblegirls Collection

Bubblegirls is a POV hand manipulation site. It’s always the same guy, shaving, lotioning/massaging, and bringing a ton of girls to orgasm using various vibrators, manual clitoral and g-spot stimulation. Anal isn’t overlooked either. He tends to push them when it comes to their limits. The girls are usually relatively unknowns/beginners (see Jasmin), but there are also starlets like Sohpie Moone, Sanda Shine, or Aria Giovanni, Eurosluts, etc, and they’re pretty much all hot or have some redeeming quality that comes through. Sometimes past featured girls are paired with each other for lesbian scenes. Some girls come back for second or third shoots.

The guy, I must say, is quite versed in the ways of the female anatomy. There is very little, if any, clutsing around. He usually starts off with some foreplay. He first shaves (an admitted fetish of his that has worn thin) and lotions the girl, which seems to gain a sense of trust between them. It’s not unusual to see a nervous beginner or hardened vet go from frigid and automaton to natural. The only things you’ll ever see of him are his arm and hand, which is sometimes shaved, and the occasional black robe. You don’t know his name (unless one of the girls slipped it in a shoot), though I’ve gathered that he was 28 at one time, but looked younger. He has kind of a geeky voice. I’ve kept some sets that, due to personal preference, don’t work for me, but have educational value.

Some girls take smoke and pee breaks. At the end is sometimes a shower/bath scene. Some of the things that remain consistent are natural reactions from the girls and visible physiological shifts (an excellent arm goosebumps closeup with Summer 05), and depending on the girl, real squirts (both clitoral and through g-spot milking) and cum drips. “No fakies,” he says. The production is pretty transparent. My favorite aspect is probably watching the girl warm up through all the diffrent means (getting wet, plump, red, hard clit, breathing, demeanor, behavior, arching, goosebumps, girl cum etc) and then getting off with a good twitching and convulsing O. The look on her face before, during, and after is what I look for too. :)

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  1. Mark says:

    Where to find this beautiful vid? I’ve been searching for it everywhere. It would be so nice to see the whole thing with a decent voice too. Look at 08:15-08:45: ***

    • Dark Blood says:

      Earlier I saw different videos like this. But I thought it’s interesting noone. I’ll try to find these videos, but I can promise nothing.

  2. slabbadofs says:

    Hi DarkBlood I have been looking for the BubbleGirls vids for a long time.I have downloaded alot off them but some vids are missing files:/ I will down every one you pot up but so far Dorina shoot 2. file nr2 doesnt download, Jayne file nr2 the same.If you can fix this problem and if you vill upload moore vids off Bubblegirls.I was a member long time ago and I loved the site.So if you knew were or how I can get moore off BubbleGirls pleace tell me.;)

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